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Sunday, July 17, 2005

"yep. I was shocked, by a poster"

I saw a billboard poster from the campaign to promote for this book.

What perfect timing? Not.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

"I'm amazed at my hopefulness"

#1. he said I looked cute (from the pics he saw)
"#2. was the look that you wore" Sorry, need to concentrate, try again...
#2. we can comfortably talk on the phone (im sorta shy, believe it or not) about stuff.
#3. he sounds cute when he smiles (i dont know how you can SOUND cute, he just does)
#4. I am quite funny really. Aw! Ok sorry concentrating again...
#4 apparently, Im "wearing the dress". Martha, here I come
#5 he gets bored, easily (need to be fun & connecting, feck, first DATE? blimey
#6 his birthday is at the end of August
#7 we've talked on the phone for 4 hours in total so far

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Is smiling that much of a departure for me?"

I've been smiling for a few days. Yep, properly smiling.

I will not confirm
or deny what is making me smile.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Yep, Id sell out to a Sunday tabloid"

People would say, "don't cry over spilt (whatever sort of) milk" but Im seriously considering sellng out to a Sunday.

There was the Antipodean Billy, what a silly billy.

There was the English 'Idol, who was really quite dull.

There was the Dutch 'baller, who got poisoned recently & he was mmm.

There was the Walthamstow songwriter, phwoah.

Monday, July 11, 2005

"how do you get to like someone?"

Ok so I like someone. Its not going to work out, and I know & accept that. I hang around for the 'official' txt silence, the imposed 'Busy- divert to voicemail (or lack of voicemail) all voicecalls, txts sent are received but no replies...

Its just a case of When, then its a case of Next and (finally) Who will it be this time?

"I'm just here for the music" sorta sums up the fact that I want to meet someone, but I dont want the complication of immediate sex with anyone. I really dont want to do that any more. I really DO go out for the 'craic' (although I would be at pains to actually define 'it' as 'craic' (it being irish, and Im not doing...)

Granted, I have always 'flexible' with certain morals (if its 3am on Sunday Morning), but now Im not. I noticed that meself. The important thing is meeting someone. They also have to like me. Theres the issue.

Right so, to sum up... I dont want sex to complicate 'dating'. A hug & a snog is a good start. Here begineth the quest! (it would be good if the candidate (!) looked 'rugby'. Ty)

(Do you reckon that you forget how you 'get it on'? Dont say anything about never forgetting bicycles.)

Am I a re-virgin? Can a Buddhist BE a re-virgin? Is it not like Catholicism?

Friday, July 08, 2005

Long Weekend Away Cancelled

After the events of yesterday, Thursday, 7th July (7.7.5), I have cancelled my travel plans.

I will reschedule ASAP.

Remember to add ICE details to your mobile phone.

Type ICE (In Case Of Emergency) as the name

& Type +44 7--- -- -- -- & SAVE details.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"What do you mean, you stay in London every weekend?"

This weekend, as i've been totally pissed off all week, i'm off to NYC. I should've gone last weekend, instead of working Live8 & sleeping through the whole of Sunday. Im going across the pond to catch up with the lads & get some shopping done.

A pair of tickets came my way, I use one so who uses the other one? I certainly know who I'd like to accompany me, but thats not going to happen. So...

Who gets the second ticket?

"i'm never going to get a third date"

I call myself a doormat. I like people who don't like me. Now, status im not looking for, but Im never going to pass a second date, am i?

One word. "Feedback". No, not criticism- Feeeed-back. Anonymously if you like.

I have two current doormat issues.

  • 1. first guy I show more than a passing interest in (in over a year), ignores my calls after the second date & Pride weekend.
  • 2. Ex who tried to shag me while I was temporarily paralysed by one glass of red wine (oh yes) should confess to his boyfriend (at least) & apologise to me.
I actually like my first ever Ex . Surely someone should've said "Steve, thats a bit weird" ?

Right, so then... The first guy i actually like (after 1 year of self-imposed celibacy) reminds me of someone else. Immediate revulsion & i was seriously knocking back the Evian.

But Im sure that that wasnt the reason I liked him. I did like him for a couple of months since first seeing him. So what did I do wrong? I felt like a stupid fool because suddenly im shy, knocking back the offer of a drink (bit of a story blah) at someones wake. Bumping into him at the sed Ex's blah, number swap blah. You get me? I thought that was 'amazingly random'. Too amazingly random to actually work out well though, of course!

Second bar we visit on date 1, plays 'What Kind Of Fool' from 1992 by Minogue 1 as soon as we got to the bar. Ok that HAS to be an omen. A good one!

But it wasn't.

"we Win!"

"I've never shown anyone my pants before"

Is there ever a perfect day to start blogging?

I've got here before, wrote some posts, just never got round to publishing them.

We shall see.

Oh yeh, in case you were wondering, those are today's pants. Yes.